Bell Canada – Corporate Headquarters Address

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Address 4th Floor, Verdun, Québec, H3E 3B3, Monstral, Canada
Corporate Number 1-800-339-635
Phone number 866-301-1942
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How do I contact office?

Mailing Address: Here you can contact via Headquarters address is 4th Floor, Verdun, Québec, H3E 3B3, Monstral, Canada.

Phone Number: Here we highlight the contact number is 1-800-339-635 through which you can resolve your queries quickly and easily.


Headquarters Executive Team
  • Mirko Bibic: President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Nauby Jacob: Senior Vice President, Products and Services
  • Dee Ann Lama: Vice President, Sales, Central and Western Canada
  • Siobhán Cox: Vice President, Marketing
  • Helena Cain: Vice President, Mobility Business Sales
  • Gary Semplonius: Senior Vice President, Business Sales and Marketing
  • Chris Harper: Vice President, International
  • Giovanni Sansalone: Vice President, Product Management
  • Louis Caron: Vice President, Sales, Bell Business Markets
  • Cigi Manning: Vice President, Systems and Experience
  • Devorah Lithwick: Senior Vice President, Brand
  • Stacey Hoirch: Vice President, Deputy Controller and Planning
  • Olivia Ibell: Vice President, Marketing
  • Michel Richer: Vice President, Loyalty and Retention
  • Sarah Farrugia: Vice President, Content, Strategy and Business Intelligence
  • Maura O’Shea: Vice President, Finance Improvements and Controls
  • Joel Orvis: Vice President, Connected Home
  • Marie-Josée Boivin: Vice President, Organizational Development and Corporate Groups
  • Nancy Tichbon: Vice President, Sales, Bell Mobility and Bell Residential
  • Jeremy Wubs: Senior Vice President, Marketing